Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Explanation Writing

WALT: Take care of the little things in your writing.


Athletics is a day of fun sports and games. The point of athletics is having fun and trying hard to be successful in a category. Coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd is a step closer to success and also going to eastern zone, for a challenge.

Do you have a goal that you want to achieve and make your personal best?
Well, today I am going to share with you about how to receive a personal best in high jump. Here is three qualities you may need to think about before attempting high jump.

High jump obviously includes jumping, and there is steps to winning a successful jump. First is your run up. Most people run up from the centre of the bar at 7 - 9 paces. You have to measure your jump and your timing right.

Secondly is your mindset. It’s really easy to make a plan of jumping the 1.95m, 1.98m, 2.01m, 2.04m, but you have to know where your mind sets and where your feet lifts off. So you got to measure your steps and left off.

Thirdly is patience. You have to be patience and do the training to learn what you are doing wrong and think of how to do it right. Patience is the ability suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

This may or may not help you in high jump and it will work on different people. Sometimes you need to take games and sports in a fun way and know when to take it serious. :)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Guest Speaker

This morning we had a special visitor, who came in for a special talk about our future. His name is Mr Patterson and he works with year 9's achieve their goals and dreams.

One important thing I took away from his presentation, was to be a giver and not a taker. What is a giver? A giver is when you care about others and yourself. Than what is a taker? A taker is when people who just want to keep things for themselves and not for others. 

A experience he shared with us was about, a 11 year old boy and his name is Willie. Willie was just casually walking to school one day and meet a homeless man who was crying. He stopped by the homeless man and gave him his lunch and lunch money for two weeks. After a while the homeless man now has his own job and has his own home. 

Mr Patterson is a inspiration to students, and he helps others achieve their goals and dreams.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Our support to the flounder catchers

Today at school was different. In the morning we had team 5 assembly then we walked onto the hard courts and sang a song along with our school karakia.

Soon after we walked down to riverside ave and onto the muddy and mushy grass down to Riki Rd. We then sang a waiata  and chanted some support to our Pt England flounder catchers. Such as "Catch some flounders oii" and "Go flounder catchers". I saw 12 Pt Englanders getting ready with there giant net moving towards other tides to where flounders maybe catched. We then sang another waiata that was mean't for blessings and protection also faith that they may be able to catch some flounders for our tank.

Not long after, we had to leave back to school, when we got to school we sat back down in to our team 5 street and was thanked from Mrs Tele'a and the teacher for being a great role model going down and coming back. We than headed into our literacy and sooner than we knew 1 hour was already gone by.
Image result for flounder

Monday, 25 September 2017

Perfect Punch

WALT: Solve word problems involving ratios and justify our thinking.
Today at class I learned about ratios. This presentation was about ratios and it contains how to my Mr Wiseman's perfect punch (as he calls it). The meaning of ratios is, how much of one thing there is compared to another thing. For example: If there is 1 boy and 3 girls you could write the ratio as  1:3 (for every one boy there  are three girls) Or 1/4 are boy and 3/4 are girls. Enjoy my presentation, and feel free to try a question)

Friday, 22 September 2017

Our slow motion scene

Every year we make a movie for the Manaiakalani film festival. This year our class is making a slow motion film. I was in a group with Sita and Machelle and the scene we were in charge of filming was bubblegum  popping. This is what our slow motion scene looks like.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival Planning

Manaiakalani film festival is coming up. Manaiakalani is when schools get to make movies whether its about what they do, Something funny or something from the old days.

Room 1 is making a Manaiakalani movie, all about slow motion. We are creating a bunch of scenes, For example: Dropping a egg onto a mouse trap in slow motion. Slow motion is the action of showing or playing back a video more slowly than it was made or recorded, so that the action appears much slower than in real life. We are making a whole lot of scenes that conclude to slow motion. We hope you are excited to see our movie.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech finals in team 5

Here is my favourite speech on Friday 25th of august.

First was Amelia. Amelia's speech was about when she attended Riverina primary school. Her nana worked there as a cleaner during the school breaks which was called "Spring clean", she loved working there. Amelia didn't get why she loved coming to clean at school. Sometimes her nana wouldn't come to work so then her mum would fill in for her or her mum would come and help her, until her nana never showed up to work, the reason why she stopped coming to work was that she became very ill. Eventually Amelia stopped seeing her nanas happy smiling face. Amelia gets it now it wasn't about the cleaning job that made her happy, it was every time she saw Amelia. Her beautiful cheeky granddaughter. 
Here is a piece from her speech. " I miss her dearly and i'm happy that our heavenly father  have her in a safe and happy place."

Enjoy her speech.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Measuring mates

WALT: Measure accurately and to find the difference between two numbers.

In class I learned about measuring and the difference between two number. For example:
Me and my friend measured the height of ourselves I was 1.65 m and she was 1.64 m. 
Then we had to subtract the smaller number to the bigger number like, 1.65 - 1.64 and the difference between these two was that she was 0.01 m off. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cooking at Tech

Today my group of year 8's did cooking at tech. We were making Oreo milkshakes, the ingredients we used were 3 cups of milk, 1 teaspoon of syrup and for our decoration we use chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinkles and one Oreo that goes on the left side across the straw.

Popsicle Decimals

Today in maths I learned about decimals using Popsicle sticks. There are many ways you can learn your decimals. I learned that you need to memorise the basics before you start, For example: Ten tenths is 1 whole. We were using numbers that have one or more digits to the right of the decimal point in this unit of lessons.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Statistical Literacy

WALT: Interpret information from graphs.
What is statistics?
Statistics is a fact or piece of data obtained from a study of a large quantity of numerical data.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The duel: Curric 3- The Inventors Awaken

WALT: Integrate several sources of information and use my prior knowledge to work out an unknown word, cross - checking using context.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Wing it

This week we are doing a lot of whole class work. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Going fishing in the holiday.

It's been 7 years ever since i went fishing. Reason being is because every time my papa and his friends come back home they would come with a bleeding finger, ripped shirt or they would come fully wet, so I was just thought to myself "I'm not going no more". When I was four years old I went fishing but I would always just sleep and eat, and that was 1 way I could get sea sick so I decided to stop going fishing. I really never thought of stopping for a pretty long time.

In the holidays my papa asked me if I wanted to go fishing, it was just me, my brothers and my nana and papa. I went and the funny thing is, is that I didn't think my papa would drive fast but when he did, I thought I was holding tight to the rail but I flicked off into the sea water right after he went through the low medium and high limits. So that time I never fished.  

The next time I went fish I was more confident that I was going to fish, I didn't use the fishing rode I used the fishing line its when you bring it up with your hands. As I put the fishing line in after 3 minutes or so, I felt something tug on it as I pulled it up my brother caught a big kawai, and I pulled up a big snapper and saved it on my memory camera. I think I am going to be going fishing more often.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Talking points 1

WALT: Participate in group discussions by actively speaking and listening.
What do you think about this points. List down what you think your answers would be.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Place Value

WALT: Demonstrate use of new knowledge on place value.
It's important to know your place value houses. Place value houses are goals that are easy to achieve.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Water Crsis

I learned that if you help your community you feel good in some way, see you don't really want to do it but when you do you feel good about yourself. LETS HELP OUR COMMUNITY!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Introduction To Decimals

WALT: Solve problems whole numbers and fractions.
I learned from this decimals presentation that you have to know what a decimal is before you really start. What is a decimal? A decimal is similar to a fraction to that it is not a whole number. It is a part of a number. We use it most often when we are talking about money. $ 13.45 How would you read this number?

Friday, 24 March 2017

My Special Places

Image result for pt england school

In this explanation writing I will be telling you about the 3 special places in my community. I live in Glen Innes.

Firstly, Pt England School is my favourite part of the community because I have been in Pt England for 6 years, I have learnt that the school is a safe place that uses digital learning objects. You learn many things that will help you with your education and your future. The school is run by a principal that has leadership, courage and aroha for his students and teachers, his name is Mr Burt known as Russell Burt. The teachers that teach in Pt England school has the knowledge that can help students with their subjects.

Secondly, the Glen Innes shopping center is a place, where people can perform in the weekends, and also to go meet your friends there for shopping. Glen Innes is a place to be when you feel lonely. The food, the furniture, the shops are filled with amazing things you can see but not steal without paying.

Finally, the cemetery’s around Glen Innes is a place where you can go and visit your loved one’s once again. I normally go there with my family to visit my grandma and grandpa, because they are the most loyal people I know that passed. My grandpa has been the king of our family because not only he helped with the poor but he helped his family a lot. My grandma is the special lady that comforts us, that will love us no matter what. That is the reason why I love going to the cemetery to visit loved ones and ones i know by spirit.  

Glen Innes is the best community to live in, because it is filled with love, strength and kindness, and it is not a place where you can start drama.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

9 Times Tables

WALT: Create a rap, song or poem to help the year 5 & 6 students learn there times table.
Today I made a rhyming poem about my 9 times table, so that it can help not only me but those who need to know. Make a beat to the rhyming poem and jam to it, the more you jam to it you will get to know better.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The story of Tinirau & Kae

This is a post about special Maori people and places. These were some places and peoples that I had to expose.

Team 5's waiting trip to Polyfest.

  • What is polyfest?
Firstly polyfest is another word for Polynesian festival. The Asb Polyfest is the largest Maori and pacific island cultural festival of it’s kind in the world. The Asb Polyfest features traditional music, dance, costume and speech and is now recognised as an important showcase of New Zealand’s diverse culture and a celebration of youth performances. Asb polyfest first started in 1976.

  • Activities and stages?
Students will compete on five stages, performing traditional items from the following cultures - Cook Islands, Maori, Niuean, Samoan, Tongan. There was a diversity stage featuring performances from a range of cultural groups including Fijian, Tokelau, Chinese, Korean. There also was activities, like when there’s a kitchen fire you can not put water in or on it because it would make it bigger. There are 2 ways you can put fire out. 1) Wet a piece of cloth then just throw it on top of the fire. 2) put salt into the pot.

  • My favourite Part of the day?
When we went to watch the Diversity stage. Their movements were sharp and pretty fast. They were incredible. Also it was cool walking around with a group I like to call the best group.

  • Something I learned?
I learned that Polyfest is about having pride, confidence and knowledge into your culture. Overall all the stages and activities we went to was fun, amazing, interesting. That was my second time going Polyfest but first time going with schools.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Story difference

WALT: Identify the similarities and differences across different texts

Friday, 10 March 2017

Fractions, Decimals, Percentage

WALT: Understand the relationship between Fractions, Decimals and Percentage.
I learned that the more you learn your F,D,P you can be able to answer your teachers questions when they ask you.

Wonderful Water Presentation

WALT: Compare and contrast ideas from one text to another

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi, and here are some important things to me.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Saving water

WALT: support all my answers with evidence from the text. 
The more we save water, the more water that is less wasted.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Kete Poster

I learned that everything you have needs to be treasured before its all gone. Say what they use to say back in the days, "What you have, you will lose in the future. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Water Cycle

WALT: Create a post about our topic

Partition strategy's

WALT: Use place value partitioning to solve multiplication problems.
I learned that partitioning your problems is just like reversibility. You can do your way of solving your problems, but easy ways can help you discover other ways to solving problems.

Reversibility Strategy

WALT: Use place value partitioning to solve multiplication problems.
Today in class I learned that when you have a problem that you can't solve because its hard or its complicated, try using reversibility. Example:
24 divided by 4 = ?
4 x __ = 24
If you don't know what make 24. Maybe you should try time tables that make 24!
Try your 8 times tables. 8 x 4 = 24, there you go your answer is 8.
So that is 1 way you can solve a problem!
Reversibility is an easy way to solve a problem.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Mexico 2

By my own words, in your mind you see mexico as just another world. If you go visit mexico you really see that it is a world of traditional minds, costumes, different languages, designs and items they have in there shops. One fact I've heard a lot about Mexico is, has one of the most difficult roads to drive. I want to know, what is 1 fact about your favourite country.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Mexico is a country of North America, it is located below the United States of America. The reasons I really want to go visit mexico is, the level of friendliness of the Mexican people is among the highest in the world. Everywhere you go someone will be willing to lend a help hand.Main cities in mexico Pueblo, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana are beautiful places in mexico. There languages in Mexico is fascinating to Tongan languages.